Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lots going on

We got up early today for Fynn's hockey tournament. Fortunately this was a local tournament so we didn't need to drive anywhere, but Vic and I did need to be at the rink by 7am for his first game.  Fynn got a goal in this game which he was thrilled about.

Later I attended a celebration of life for a co-worker who's son passed away from cancer at far too young of an age.  It was tragic and my heart breaks for her.  I am reminded to count my blessings.

Later that afternoon it was back to the rink for another game, then the kids had their piano recital, of which we had to leave early to get Sophie to her dance rehearsal.

 This was followed by our final stretch of volunteering for the tournament and finally Vic's work Christmas dinner.

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