Thursday, December 29, 2016

Update on 2016 Priority Goals

I didn't post about these too much in 2016.  I had them in my head, but for some reason, I wasn't wanting to commit them further to my blog.

Learning new things:  I did a couple of piano lessons with Jen.  It gave me some very introductory basics.  I'm in awe of my kids as they have much more mental apptitude
on this than I do.

Taking photos of our life - taking photos of birds didn't get too far.  I don't have a telephoto lens and when I made my Christmas list this year, a fixed prime lens (85 mm) was more what I was looking for.  Having said that, I have been able to identify finches that are in our backyard.

Keeping fit - while I didn't do a 10 km, I am super proud of sticking with cross fit.  I am a convert!  It was by far the best thing I did in 2016 for my fitness and stress reduction.  Vic got hooked too.  It was a win - win all the way around and I am much stronger now than when I started.

Seeing new places - yes, we took the train across the prairies in August so we saw some great sites.  Vegas was also new for us and it was great fun.  Balboa Park in San Diego was also a new destination for us when we took our trip to California this year.

Helping the kids achieve more than they thought possible - yes.  Sophie passed her piano exam last year and both kids are working on their next levels.  I have also been actively pushing Sophie (helping her with editing her work) for school.  Both kids also did Kumon for part of the year.

Reading - yes, I surpassed by Good Reads goal.  I need to raise my goal for 2017.  My goal was 20 and I read 29.  I think I need to increase my number to 25.

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