Saturday, March 14, 2015


“Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.” -Oscar Wilde

I love this quote.  Today it seems appropos as we celebrated the end of the second term of school, good report cards and two weeks of freedom for the kids from routine.  Spring break!

Sophie and Fynn got their report cards this week.  Fynn had a good report card mostly with "3s".  Sophie hit it out of the park and earned 14 "4s".  She worked very hard this past term and it paid off.  Vic and I are so proud of both of them.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Midnight travels

Poor Fynn.  He was so looking forward to his West Kelowna hockey tournament this weekend.

We made it to the tournament and he did play one game, followed by a swim in the hotel pool, pizza, and a game of mini sticks with his team.

However, things got a little interesting and frankly quite disgusting about midnight (or shortly thereafter) when he threw up his entire dinner all over his bedding, carpet and his PJs.  I am sure the more resilient families would have asked to change hotel rooms but when we factored in the smell, soiled linens, etc and Sophie who seemed slightly traumatized by the whole experience of her brother throwing up beside her in bed, we decided to call it a night and head back to Salmon Arm. With the light traffic it took just over an hour -- so not too bad.

On the positive side, his coach stopped by with his medal and Vic one the 50/50 draw!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Date night

The kids each had a friend take them to the Silverbacks hockey game tonight, which meant Vic and I had a free couple of hours.

We opted to go out for pub food.

Nice break.

I'm also enjoying a couple of books right now - this one and this one.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Goalie gear

“There is no position in sport as noble as goaltending.” – Valdislav Tretiak

Fynn has been asking for months if he could try being a goalie. He got his wish today at practice. He found out that it is much harder than it looks. Hard to get up, hard to move, and hard to stop those pucks. So proud of this little guy for showing such determination

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Sophie Version 11.0

It was Sophie's 11th birthday today.  I can't really believe it when I think back to that day 11 years ago when she came into the world three weeks early around lunch time :)  Knowing how prompt Sophie is and how she likes to be EARLY for everything, I guess this makes sense.

We took her out for her birthday dinner at Boston Pizza.  Her gifts from us were a new jean jacket from Amercian Eagle Outfitters, a dance t-shirt and shorts and two new magazines from Fynn.  It was a very happy birthday.

We love you very much. xoxo

Sunday, February 01, 2015

#11 for Sophie & ski day #5

Sophie's 11th birthday is on the 5th, but we celebrated it a bit early this weekend with her friends. She had an Instagram-themed birthday.  She invited some of her friends from school to the bowling alley. I am grateful she has such good little friends in her life and nice parents too. If you Google Instagram-themed parties it can be a bit crazy, so we just stuck with themed invitations, a gorgeous cake (thanks to Paula who decorated it for me -- the only thing she asked is that I baked it for her first)  and treat toppers. I think it was absolutely perfect for #11.

In other news, Vic and I went to American Sniper on Friday night - our 3rd consecutive Friday out on a date!  It was a good movie, but such a tragic ending.

We haven't been skiing in a few weeks so I arranged a sitter for the kids for part of today so Vic and I could go up to Silver Star and do a few runs.  The kids were tired, and Fynn had hockey later today so I was okay with them staying at home as he would have been way too cranky with back to back sports.  This was our 5th time up skiing for us this season.  Conditions were not too bad - and always good to find an excuse to use our passes.

Downton Abbey tonight....ready for another week.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Resting, unwinding

Dictionary dot com's definition of unwinding is "to reduce the tension of; relax:".  That was dthe build definitely how I viewed this weekend. I had a number of projects at work to deal with last week, including a presentation that I was stressing out over.  By the time Friday rolled around and the bulk of the work week was behind me, I needed to distress in a big way.

I am a homebody and a creature of habit.  As much as I like going places and seeing new things, I also like to spend some weekends during the year at home.  On Friday were went to a movie (Wild) with some friends.  On Saturday, Vic took Fynn to his hockey games in Sicamous and while Sophie was at her acrobatic class, I had a free hour to myself to have a latte and read a magazine.  In my life before kids, I took that time for granted and had no idea that when I didn't have the freedom or luxury of doing it whenever I wanted how much I would miss that feeling.  I got a bit of that feeling back on Saturday morning.

Later that day we hung out at home and that was simple and nice.  No trips to the ski hill, no more gear to load and unload.  Today Fynn had more games in Sicamous for his tournament and I had time with Sophie at home.  She had some math tutoring - which to me is like a brain spa day, as her tutor has a nice voice to listen to and I can sit and listen or can read a book.  Bliss.  Sophie had a friend over after lunch so I got a chance to do a bit more reading, prepped a bit for my book club meeting this week,  did some laundry and put fresh sheets on our bed and went for a walk -- we have had beautiful sunshine -- it was so nice to be on my schedule.  I washed my car -- that in itself was a spa for my car as the dirt and mud from our winter roads is disgusting.

Just a nice day of doing not too much of anything special.