Sunday, August 07, 2016

Day tripper

I was literally a Winnipeg day tripper yesterday as I travelled via plane from Kelowna to Winnipeg and back in one day.  A long story, but we had planned for Sophie to travel to Winnipeg for her RWB summer dance intensive 2 week camp as an unaccompanied minor on Westjet.  Due to a change in their scheduling they were not able to accommodate this (a bit crummy from a service perspective).  We could either send her a day early or a day later as a minor on her own, or I could go with her.  I opted to go with her.  It actually was not too bad.  The hardest part was getting up at 4am so we could catch our early morning flight.  Apart from that, I enjoyed some quiet time with her, had a couple of good lattes at Starbucks in the airports I passed through (Vancouver, Winnipeg) and did a lot of reading.

I am really proud of Sophie for taking this big step of staying away from home for 2 weeks, half way across the country!  Nice that she could reconnect with her friend Faith whom she met last year at the school.  We will be heading out to Winnipeg via Vancouver to meet her in a week and a half.

Love travelling!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Summer musings

It seems hard to believe that it is the middle of July.  The kids are well into summer routines and I'm enjoying not have to get them ready for school or the homework fight.  They are still doing their Kumon math once a day (most days) which can be a struggle, but in the grand scheme of pushing them a bit, it isn't too bad.

Fynn had a full week of camp last week, attending the Epic Sports Academy.  He loves most kinds of sports (apparently with the exception of karate) so he had a great time attending with our neighbour's son, Dillon.  Sophie is off to Royal Winnipeg dance intensive in August, so still a couple more weeks of her being at home.  They do have a science day camp the week after this coming week that will keep them busy.

As for me, I've been continuing with my CrossFit Lite classes and I am proud of my progress....basically sticking with it since January is my greatest accomplishment and I'm starting to see some nice shoulder definition.  The effort was worthy of a new pair of Lululemon shorts I got when we were in Vancouver a week or so ago. Here's a photo of their beautiful art gallery.  We took in the Picasso and his women/muse show.  Excellent and only in Vancouver!

That's it for now!


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Sophie, dancer

Sophie wrapped up her dance season with the year-end show tonight. She dances 4 days a week. I don't think we will know what to do with ourselves now that it is over for the year.

She did so well.  The poise and confidence she has on stage is lovely to watch.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vic's mom

In our hearts.

Joyce Hamilton, June 9th, 1927 - May 16, 2016

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Piano recital time

Sophie and Fynn's piano practicing culminated in their recital today at Piccadilly Terrace.  Sophie had two songs and Fynn had three (short) ones.

It was great to hear the kids play and showcase their skills and the residents of the seniors home seemed to appreciate it too.  We appreciate their teacher Jen organizing this.

Here is a photo of the 3 of us before we went in. Yes, that is Fynn in a polo shirt.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sophie is babysitting

Sophie has been after me for months to help her find a babysitting job.  Since she turned 12 in February it seems to be on her mind, especially as she always seems to be in search of spending money on the weekend.

One of my co-workers has two young daughters who Sophie has gotten to know a bit better through her dance school.  Since today is the start of spring break it was the perfect opportunity for Sophie to watch the girls in the park for an hour or two while her mom ran some errands.  Sophie had a great time with the girls, gained some experience and earned a little spending money.

I must say, this feels like a real milestone for Sophie and nice to have that under her belt.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

2016 Intentions/Family Priority Goals

HerHere is an update on my 2016 Intentions/Family Priority Goals: is an update on my intentions or priority goals for 2016:

 Things that make me happy:

- learning new things (Learning to play the piano).  I have had two classes in piano. Certainly harder than it looks.  The kids are taking up most of the weekly piano lessons but I do intend to keep practicing.  Just learning where the notes are is hard enough for me right now.

 - taking photos of our life (Working on what this might look like.  I think I would like to take photos of birds in 2016 -- in addition to the usual subjects I photograph).  This is going along okay.  Nothing earth shattering, although I think I would like to save for a new portrait lens for this year.  The photo below is for a "green" assignment my photo club has going on right now.  Reminds me of spring.

 - telling our stories (blogging, etc).  This is slow going.  I was such a good blogger for years, and now if I blog once a month, I am doing well.

 - keeping fit (I don't know exactly what this will be, however, I have told Vic I want to do another 10 km in the fall.  I have also started to intentionally increase my weights in 2/4 weekly fitness classes). This is probably the goal that I am most excited about.  The running is not really coming along for me (weather is usually my excuse).  But, I have been keeping up with my 2 x a week CrossFit Lite classes and I love them!  I even have gotten Vic to come with me for a few of them.  I can see this being the biggest change for me in 2016.  I am actually started to get some arm muscle.

 - seeing new places
- seeing the kids achieve more than they could have imagined (this is ongoing.  Sophie has her Grade 1 Piano exam next week. The goal: to complete and pass the exam in January 2016.  So far that is the only goal set).  Sophie did complete her exam and did very well - honours!  Her piano teacher and I have decided that we will delay the next exam (Grade 2) until June 2017 to allow lots of time for her to really learn the material.

 - reading

Stay tuned.