Sunday, August 07, 2016

Day tripper

I was literally a Winnipeg day tripper yesterday as I travelled via plane from Kelowna to Winnipeg and back in one day.  A long story, but we had planned for Sophie to travel to Winnipeg for her RWB summer dance intensive 2 week camp as an unaccompanied minor on Westjet.  Due to a change in their scheduling they were not able to accommodate this (a bit crummy from a service perspective).  We could either send her a day early or a day later as a minor on her own, or I could go with her.  I opted to go with her.  It actually was not too bad.  The hardest part was getting up at 4am so we could catch our early morning flight.  Apart from that, I enjoyed some quiet time with her, had a couple of good lattes at Starbucks in the airports I passed through (Vancouver, Winnipeg) and did a lot of reading.

I am really proud of Sophie for taking this big step of staying away from home for 2 weeks, half way across the country!  Nice that she could reconnect with her friend Faith whom she met last year at the school.  We will be heading out to Winnipeg via Vancouver to meet her in a week and a half.

Love travelling!

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