Sunday, January 05, 2014

2013 Family Priority Goals (how we did)

Just like in 2013, we will be working on documenting our Family Priority Goals for 2014. This is what we had listed as our goals for last year and this is how we did. I like goals that are specific and measurable, I like continuity and I like to see progress. Nothing drives me more crazy than flakiness or wheel spinning.

- complete her session of gymnastics winter session. Yes, she did complete her winter session, in spite of her foot injury. She really loved it.
- complete 2-3 ski lessons. Yes, she did that and actually ended up skiing a fair bit and even did a whole day with her friend Hunter and skiing with Vic and I a few times.
- increase her ability to read her piano music. Sophie plays by ear and while it sounds fine, it is not a good habit to have. Yes, I ended up buying her some flash cards that would help her with memorizing the notes. We spoke to her piano teacher who then "pushed" Sophie a bit more and it got her back on track. She can now read music!

- have more playdates. Yes, he did have a playdate with a friend named Cash. I think that was the only playdate he had last year.
- join soccer this spring. Yes, soccer was big for Fynn last year. He did a spring session (dad was co-coach) and he also did a two week junior White caps session in the summer.
- 2-3 ski lessons. Yes, complete.

- I really want to improve my French. I did start on Rosetta Stone. I am about half way through the entire French program, but I stopped in the fall. Need to re-think where I will fit this in.

- He has been talking about doing some volunteer work. Yes, Vic got involved co-coaching Fynn's soccer team. I think he had fun doing it with his cousin Neville and he learned a bit about soccer

- we are determined to take a road trip to Calgary this summer. We really want to take the kids through Banff and then head on to Calgary and check out the highlights (the zoo!). Okay, nature intervened here and serious flooding happened in Calgary. We changed our plans and went down the Oregon Coast to Cannon beach.

- Vic and I have talked about how we want to take in more art related performances (we would love to go to a "lite" symphony) but we just need to find the right one. We didn't go to a symphony in 2013, but for this past Christmas, I did give Vic 2 tickets to the Kamloops Symphony and we are seeing that this coming Friday.
- We are going on a trip with our friends Bryan and Patti to San Francisco in May. We are planning and plotting that out now. For now that is the focus. Yes, trip was taken!! Great memories.

My next blog post will be about our goals for 2014.

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1 comment:

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Sounds like you accomplished a lot as a family!
I was like that in my vocal classes as far as music. I could read music enough to get by in the beginning.
I needed to push myself to really learn!