Sunday, January 05, 2014

winter: the deepest, darkest season

Vic and I both battle the seaonal blahs/blues - whatever you want to call it. It is a tough season when you don't have light after work (or even after 4pm) for months and months. It is getting a little better as we are on the "good" side of the solstice now, but it is still dark and cold here. Minus 4 degrees celcius as I write this, which I know is nothing compared to our Canadian counterparts in Manitoba where I think it is minus 45 today. Good lord!

We combat our blahs through exercise. Vic runs and swims and I go to my fitness classes.

The other activity we do as a family is ski. Every weekend - we drag ourselves up to Silver Star Mountain. It is lots of exhilirating fun, especially once the kids have their gear on and are settled in. When I ski - especially when the turns are working out, I feel like a kid. It really is fun and takes my cares away.

Sophie finished up her Trail Blazer classes and will move up to Mountain Explorers. She is skiing at the intermediate level now and Fynn will be moving up to Racing Raccoons. He is doing well with blue runs.

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