Monday, January 06, 2014

2014 Family Priority Goals

Here we go:

Goals for Each Priority
1. Have Fynn read one book to me each week (this will be a work in progress as his reading develops).
2. Spend an hour with each kid a week on mommy-me time. Just me and one kidlet. Vic and I can share this goal (e.g he spends an hour with Sophie, while I spend an hour with Fynn and vice versa).
3. Volunteer once in both Sophie and Fynn's classes
4. Schedule minimum monthly date nights with Vic
5. Visit my family and Vic's mom
6. Sophie seems to be interested in everything! Her focus right now is pre-Grade 1 conservatory piano, gymnastics and dance. She signed up for the basketball team but it conflicts with her dance class so I think basketball will be a miss for this season (I do want her to try a team sport at least once)
7. Fynn is loving his skiing and just took an interest in the chess club at school

1. Continue walking, fitness classes or running daily. Exercise everyday.
2. Push myself to do stretch at end of my fitness classes
3. Reminding myself to drink water and take my iron pill (I had very low iron reserves last year)
4. Get minimum 7 hours of sleep every night and 8 on the weekends
5. Take weekly walks/hikes with family (right now this is skiing)

1. Read a book a week or two
2. Spend time outside
7. Take photos with intention

Me (self care)
1. Make and keep regular pedicure and hair appointments (every 8 weeks or so)
2. Make regular (monthly) manicure appointments. Manicures are the only thing that stop me from cuticule biting. The.only.thing
3. Send out more thank you cards

1. I am signed up for this course.
I love learning and I love history. I am pretty exited about this.

The rest
1. Keep up with book club
2. Say no more often
3. Drive in Vancouver (I need to get over this fear).

There we go. This is not set in stone, so I might tweak it as I go.

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