Thursday, August 29, 2013

summer wrap up

Okay, it's not officially over, but we were doing a little post mortem on summer with the kids. What were the highlights, we asked them.

In no official order:

1. Taylor Swift concert - Sophie
2. Sunnybrae Camp -Sophie
3. White Caps Soccer Camp - Fynn
4. Diving and Trampoline Camp - Sophie
5. Math tutoring for Sophie (she will say it was not a highlight, but I beg to differ)
6. Cannon Beach/Oregon Coast - family
7. Multiple dips in our pool - family
8. Grandma/Grandpa/Sue/Travis visit - family
9. Katrina babysitting - Sophie and Fynn
10. Sky Trek - Sophie and Fynn
11. Go carts - Fynn and Vic
12. Running clinic - Sheri and Vic
13. Armstrong IPE - family
14. Sophie breaking her arm (not a highlight, but certainly memorable)
15. Gardening! (massive marigolds, hedge replanting, bumper tomato crop)

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I need to do this with the kids :)