Sunday, August 25, 2013

Poor Sophie

I feel so bad for Sophie. She had a really bad wipe out on her scooter on Friday afternoon which required a trip to ER to clean out her road rash. She was complaining of a very sore arm, but the doctor did not feel he wanted to expose her to an x-ray as he didn't think it was broken.

On Saturday she was invited to a sleep over at her friend Hunter's house but she decided she only wanted to do a day play date as her arm was so sore. She went to Hunter's and we picked her up at 7pm and she was still complaining about how sore her arm was. Understandably it would be sore from the fall, but it seemed to be in a more persistent pain. We took her back to ER and I asked for an x-ray (Vic had suspected it was broken all along). His instinct was right, as after a couple of x-rays it did show a break in her upper arm. It doesn't seem to be a break that would be put in a cast, so the sling we worked out of my old scarf seems to be ok. She is supposed to see an Orthopedic surgeon in Salmon Arm later in the week just to make sure it is healing properly. She does seem quite a bit better today as we have a handle on the pain control with some medication.

Morale of the story: parents should trust their own instincts.


In happier news, Fynn ticked an activity off of his summer bucket list: Go-carts with dad. Very fun!

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