Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Meet Katrina

Okay, no photo yet, but one is coming for sure.

She is the kids' babysitter/nanny during the day for the remainder of August. She is great. Back in the spring, she started doing some occasional babysitting for us if Vic and I wanted to go out for the odd movie. The kids loved her and I was impressed with her level headedness. She is going into Grade 7 but you would think she is at least a couple of years old than that.

I asked her if she could babysit or be our daytime nanny 4 days a week during the month of August (Monday - Thursday), as Fynn still goes to daycare on Fridays and Sophie is on her own on Fridays (Vic and I check in at lunch time). She officially started her first full day today and had the kids busy with activities. She even had cooked them dinner when I got home at 5pm. I didn't realize how much of a relief that is to have that chore taken care of.

She asked if I could get her a few baking items as she wants to make white chocolate chip cookies with them tomorrow. She said "it is our baking day." I was like, YOU BET! The three of them have come up with a list of fun things to do together for the remaining weeks of August: Dairy Queen, swimming at the public pool, a trip to Timmies, a walk to the Bastion playground, bike riding, more baking....

I think we would have benefitted from a day time nanny before. It would have taken a lot of the pressure off of Vic and I of driving the kids back and forth to daycare and the constant pressure of preparing lunches the night before, etc. Not that some of this won't have to be done in September when they go back to school, but knowing that they are having fun at home is nice. Fynn will be starting a new after school kids club program in September. He goes for a drop in this Friday to check it out and help him feel comfortable. I am looking forward to it as it is closer to where we live (less driving) and if he wants to take swimming lessons they are in the same building, so the caregivers will drop him off/pick him up.

Can't beat some simplicity in our lives.

This photo is of Sophie and her friend/neighbor Teegan reading her "M" magazine. Cute :)

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