Tuesday, August 13, 2013

enjoying August

Vic and I were out from a run this evening and couldn't believe how nice the evenings are around here. The weather is warm and the skies are a pretty shade of blue and pink. The light is soft. Running around 7:30pm ish is a great way to completely unwind before settling down for the night.

In other news, Fynn is enjoying his soccer camp. It is a great program run as part of the Okanagan Skills Camp through the Vancouver Whitecaps. He is proud of his new soccer t-shirt and he seems to be learning some good skills. Tomorrow one of the Whitecap players is making a special visit to the field to see the kids.

Sophie has been enjoying hanging out with Katrina, our babysitter, while Fynn is in his camp. After camp today, the 3 of them had lunch at home and then back downtown for a movie (Smurfs 2).
They seem to be really enjoying their time with her, so all is good.

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