Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Being back home

It has been a couple of days now since we have been back home from our Oregon Coast trip. I am just starting to feel like we are getting back into life at home again.

I have been thinking a lot about the trip and what things worked and what things didn't work. Here are a few:

1. Focus on each day. I often forget to do this and get worked up / worried about next day. This happened a bit on one of the days when I was worried that we would miss our boat ride that we had arranged for the following day. It all worked out and I wonder why I wasted my time worrying.

2. It is easier to say no than yes. It would have been easier to say "let's skip the museum in Astoria" and just drive straight on through and get home earlier. I am glad that we said yes, and visited the museum. Totally worth it. Yes, we got home later and got stuck in Seattle traffic (awful stuff) but the museum was educational, fun and left an imprint.

3. Audio books are a good thing. I borrowed one from the library but was disappointed that Charlie and the Chocolate Factory didn't arrive in time. I think the kids would have enjoyed it and it would have broken up some long stretches when they were fighting about one thing or another.

4. Eating breakfast in the hotel room is the best. Saves money, is efficient and the kids generally eat everything and there is no wastage. Glad we got the kitchenette.

5. You can't do it all.

We were contemplating going to Mount St. Helens on the last day. So glad we didn't try to push ourselves to do that. It would have been a disaster. There is only so much driving time anyone can realistically handle.

6. Happy I took some good photos. I worked hard on my photography this trip. I always try to do a good job, but I paid more attention to composition this time. That makes me happy.

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