Monday, July 22, 2013

We made it!

We arrived in Cannon Beach, Oregon just after 5pm today. It was a long day of driving, but we are none the worse for wear. We left Langley, BC at just after 9:30am or so this morning. Getting across the border at Aldergrove was relatively easy - about a 15 minute wait. Not too bad at all. From there we drove through Bellingham and then a string of small towns until we hit Everett, Seattle and Tacoma. The kids saw the Space Needle from the car as we drove past as well as Safeco Field (Paul McCartney just played there a couple of nights ago). We made fairly good time along the interstate highway. I had borrowed an audio book from the library so it kept us going for times when the kids were complaining about being bored as did the tablet which has some games loaded on it.

Eventually we moved off the I-5 and passed through the city of Longview which is on the Columbia River. We stopped for a Starbucks break there and watched all of the logging trucks go by from the port to the sawmills that appear to be a big part of the city's industry. The Lewis and Clark Bridge links Longview to Oregon. It is a huge cantilever bridge that was originally built in the 30s. Once you are across the bridge you are in Rainier, Oregon with a "welcome to Oregon" sign that was greeted with some cheers. From there we snaked along highway 30 and passed through Astoria and Seaside before we hit our final destination of Cannon Beach.

We are staying at a nice resort right on the beach which has an amazing view of the Haystack Rock. We took the kids out to check out the marine life around the rock (you can't climb it as it is a protected ecological area) and we also flied our kite. After that we had dinner, a walk and then a swim in the pool. We covered a lot of terrain today and the kids are still pretty hyped up. Hopefully they will settle down soon for some sleep.

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