Monday, April 29, 2013

This little face

This little face makes me laugh and smile everyday. Even when we are having "our moments" he cheers me up. Tonight he was making me smile when he was telling me all about the Canucks and the Stanley Cup Playoffs. How he has become such a hockey afficiondo is a bit surprising. Yes, we do watch hockey from time to time, and yes, Vic has explained the basic rules to him, but Fynn has become obsessed.

He literally sits looking out our front window to see when the neighbour kids will come out so he can join them in street hockey. He may be small but he has spunk!

On another note, I received the results of my bloodwork last week, and it turns out I am quite anemic. That explains some of the fatique that I have been experiencing. I am now on iron supplements. It takes quite a long time for iron to build back up again, so I need to be patient.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

He is definitely cute!
I was the biggest hockey fan for the longest time.
And then I had kids and rarely had the energy to stay up and watch a game.
I still go from time to time.
And when they retired Brett Hull and Al MacGinnis numbers, I made sure I was at those games.

Hope you feel better soon!