Thursday, May 02, 2013


Poor Sophie. I went to pick her up from gymnastics yesterday and she hobbled over to me. Her ankle/foot was very sore and by the time I got her home it was quite swollen and very painful. The clinic was closed so Vic took her to the ER (we are frequent flyers there) and almost 4 hours later he came home with her -- diagnosis is a severely sprained ankle or a possible small fracture. An xray was taken but the radiologist was not on site, so xray was supposed to be read today. I haven't heard from our GP what the results are. If it is a fracture, she may or may not need a cast (it would be up to us, and is more of a comfort thing). She arrived at school late this morning with crutches and needless to say, the other kids were all very helpful and felt bad for her.

Earlier the same day, I got a call from the school just after lunch to pick her up as she had gotten hit just below the eye and they were worried about her vision (it was blurry). Vic took her into the doctor and she was turned out to be fine -- just a bruise.

The poor kid really is a bit accident prone these days. Not sure if it is just a stage she is going through or just a string of bad luck.

Both kids are enjoying their evening with Mr Poppers Penguins.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Glad she is ok, but what a bummer.
We have been to the ER a few times with the kids as well. Thankfully, always been a positive experience in the long run. But never fun.