Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Weekend Lens

This week just flew by. Both kids had Valentine's Day events -- each actually had two parties: Fynn at daycare and preschool and Sophie at her school and in her after school program. Sophie had a good week at school. Vic and I went and watched a little talent show that her class put on. Sophie did a little talk about ballet and showed her ballet shoes to her class.

Today I took Sophie to one of her ballet exam prep classes while Vic took Fynn to his friend Chay's birthday party.

Here is a photo of Fynn playing with his beloved Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars and Sophie in her ballet exam prep classes. A guest instructor from Vernon, Miss Katy taught the girls today. She is originally from England, so she was especially "exotic" for the girls. The photo of Sophie's class was taken through the viewing window of the ballet studio with my i-Phone so the quality is not that great.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I have trouble taking photos through the ballet class at ERin's studio as well!