Monday, February 13, 2012

A full cup

Today was one of those full cup kind of days.
I had my day at work pretty packed full of events, meetings, and tasks to complete. Because I stuck to my schedule and didn't get side-tracked I managed to complete everything I had set out to do. I also ate lunch at my desk that saved quite a bit of time. Nice to get out for a quick coffee break with Vic mid afternoon - lots of sunshine here today.

In addition to work items, I also wanted to stop by the drugstore and pick up something fun for the kids for Valentine's Day. Just a small Kinder Surprise for each of them when they wake up tomorrow.

I got home in time to go to my fitness class while Vic picked up the kids. Sophie had piano tonight at 6:30pm and then Vic had his Masters swimming. Lots of activity.

I raced around tonight using up every last Valentine card I could find in my stash. Between Sophie's Grade 2 class, her after school program, Fynn's daycare and preschool class, it took a lot of cards. But happily they are all done and I can almost relax for the night.

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