Saturday, June 25, 2011

prepping for camp

We popped down to Walmart last night in Vernon and picked Sophie up a sleeping bag for her overnight camp trip that is coming up this Wednesday.

Vic is teaching her how to roll it up nice and tight and neat so it fits back inside the sack. We will see how it comes back when we pick her up.

In other news:

More tooth drama - my temporary crown came off my tooth again while I was eating breakfast this morning. Luckily I have had the root canal and I can't feel any pain. I have an appointment with my regular dentist on Wed so he can attach the permanent one.

Vic is racing in the Kal Rats race this Sunday morning. When he gets back I am heading out to Trail in afternoon with a co-worker. We are doing some research at the credit union there. I will be back Tuesday afternoon - just in time to send Sophie on her way to her last day of school on Wednesday and camp that afternoon.

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Mary Jo said...

I'm so sorry about your tooth! But glad it is not hurting you anymore!!