Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The last day

Such a different feeling than Sophie's first day of Grade 1 when she didn't want me to take her picture. She was certainly much happier today.

Here she is with one of her teachers, Madame Shannon. Madame is very close to being ready to have her baby!

We dropped Sophie off at Gardom Lake Camp this afternoon. She was pretty unsure about the whole thing when we got there but then when we took her to her cabin and she found out it was just Hunter, Cami, Heidi-Lee and herself and they were all waiting for her, she was very happy. Her camp counsellor is Christa who was very sweet. I am sure she will have lots of stories to tell us when we pick her up tomorrow.


Mary Jo said...

Evan didn't want me to take a photo on his first day of school this year either! :)
She is getting so big :)

Joanne said...

Can't wait to hear all about camp, Sophie! See you this weekend!