Monday, April 11, 2011

this n' that

Catching up on the blog after the weekend.

- Sophie had her friend and our neighbour Maggie over for a sleep over on Saturday night. Her mom said that Maggie couldn't stay up much past 9pm or so since she had a piano recital the next day, so we tried to stick to that bedtime but it was likely a bit closer to 10 before the girls settled down. Still much better than the sleepover in the summer when they were up until midnight. Perhaps the novelty is wearing off (hopefully).

- Fynn and Sophie both had dentist check ups today. All is well with their teeth and it turns out Sophie has another loose tooth so the tooth fairy will be visiting again soon, I suspect.

- Vic and I went running again today after work. Such a great feeling. I am off to Vancouver for the annual BC HRMA (HR) conference this Wednesday so I know my exercise and fitness time will be somewhat limited. Glad that we were able to get in something today.

- Speaking of running, Sophie is coming by it naturally. She brought home a permission slip to take part in the schools cross country running program. That means she can participate in 3 meets at the local schools and some practices. They are practicing tomorrow at 7:45am at her school, which means an early morning for me!

Here is a photo of the 3 of them eating popcorn while watching a movie on Saturday night. I rent loads of movies from our library - it's a great way to go for kids movies.

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Mary Jo said...

We haven't tried an official sleepover here yet although both kids have talked about it!