Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Remember when running used to be called jogging? You don't call it that anymore! I am not sure exactly when that change occured in "popular culture" but it seems to have probably happened as the sport became more high profile and the gear more sophisticated (better shoes, clothing).

Vic and I run on Mondays and Wednesdays after work and before I pick up the kids. At first when we picked it up again after my hiatus over the colder winter months I really hated it (again). Now I am starting to look forward to runs. It makes me feel so good, it is hard to describe. It is the one exercise that after I do it, I know that I have truly done something that has exerted my cardiovascular system and helped get me more fit. The fact that it burns major calories is also a big plus.

Salmon Arm has a lot of hills so it is challenging to run here, but on the flip side you get fit faster.

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Mary Jo said...

I have to admit that I still call it jogging because what I do is no where near running (lol).
So maybe I should call it plodding :)
But when I finish, I do feel good!