Monday, April 04, 2011

feeling like spring

Another Monday. One of those days when we fell back into our regular routines.
I am a big believer in routines because you can get so much done when you keep up consistent, regular schedules:

- Sophie was back to school today and back to her routine. We did her daily reader tonight and when her friend Maggie came over for a bit after dinner, I set the two of them down to practice Sophie's french dictee words.

- Fynn seemed to have a good day. One of his caretakers commented how the children love Fynn and he is a gentle soul. That made me feel really good because Vic and I were a little worried that since he was starting to hit/pinch Sophie maybe he was picking that up at daycare. Likely he is just doing it because the two of them get on each other's nerves sometimes.

- I am back to a semi-regular routine running with Vic. It feels so good to keep at it. It is the best way to keep my fitness and weight in check. There are so many hills in Salmon Arm it is hard to avoid them.

- Easter is around the corner. I have just a few little decorations but the kids enjoy seeing them when I pull them out.

- Our tulips are up!

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nadine jenine said...

cute chicks!