Monday, April 18, 2011

running and growing my hair out

Back in August, I decided I wanted to grow out my hair. It was a very short cut that I have had since about 2007. That's a long time to stick with one hairstyle. The growing out process was especially painful in the fall when my hair was not quite over my ears. I hated it and was ready to give up and get it all cut off again.

Lately it has been feeling longer. I can actually feeling it swinging back and forth just a bit when I move my head :)

Around the same time that I started growing my hair out, Vic and I also started running together. A similar journey in that it started out painfully and has since begun to feel much more natural and something I look forward to.

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Mary Jo said...

Scrapbook layout! :)
I like it both ways, but it's looking softer if that makes sense :)