Tuesday, April 19, 2011

these two

Sophie and Fynn have been keeping laughing (and crying) with their daily struggles and successes.

Sophie's big event this week is that she is participating in a track meet tomorrow at a school in Sicamous (about 25 minutes by car from Salmon Arm). Today she asked me who she would be travelling with to the track meet. I explained that I had given her permission to travel with another mother because the track meet was at 11:30am and I was at work. There was something about the worry in her voice about "who will I travel with" that got me thinking and not having experienced an inter-school track meet with her before, I realized I needed to do a bit more digging. I spoke to one of the moms who was waiting after school for her daughter who is also tutored and she suggested I speak to someone in the school office. When the school administrator advised me that Sophie would be travelling with a particular parent I got a little concerned. Not because I think this parent might be a bad driver (but what do I really know about her driving abilities?), but I got to thinking about the highway to Sicamous (which is twisty) and the fact that Sophie would be travelling with a girl from her class that I would say had behavioral issues. So, I phoned Vic and fortunately he was available and can drive her to/from her track meet. Sophie was happy and I feel much better.

Fynn has been making some good improvements on his toilet skills. He is getting better at telling us when he has to go #2 and seems much more certain of himself. He had what I would call a "hissy fit" yesterday evening and proceeded to smash our remote control on our coffee table. Luckily our Ikea table is hard as nails and doesn't really show many chips or dings and the remote survived. Fynn however received a lecture in how to behave.

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