Sunday, April 17, 2011

British Columbia Masters Swimming Championships

Vic is blogging tonight. Here he goes:

Thanks to prodding and trash talk from my buddy Ray, I decided to participate in this year's Provincial Swimming Championships in Kelowna at the H2O complex. One of nicest family friendly swim facilities in Canada.

I'm not a swimmer. Or least I don't have the depth of most of my team mates, most of whom started in grade or high-school. I took up swimming master's five years ago to help me in my Triathlon competitions. It was my weakest sport and definitely the one I looked forward to the least. Since starting Masters I have fallen in love with swimming. I diligently march off to our 1.5 hour practices at least twice a week where our coach beats me like a rented mule. :)

The competition spans two days and an evening. I felt with Sher getting back from Vancouver later Friday evening that it was only fair that I choose events that were all on one day. That way I would have Saturday at home with the kids and Sher. I'm an endurance athlete by both choice and body type. I decided to try my hand at he sprints just to challenge myself. I signed up for the 50 free, 100 free, and 200 free relay. By the way, this is my first official meet. Ever. I did well in all three events realtive to my abilities and age group. I finished 4 out of 6 in both the individual events setting a personal best in the 50m (33 sec.) It was pretty incredible to watch as most of the competitors are accomplshed swimmers. (Meaning smok'in fast)this included a few ex-olympians. The highlight? A 92 competitor set a new Canadian record in individual medally (all four strokes)for his age group.

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