Saturday, June 05, 2010

relay for life

The kids came home from daycare with a flyer about a Relay for Life fundraiser where they could make a "build a bear" type stuffy with some of the proceeds going towards Relay for Life. I told Sophie that if we had enough money from some of the clothes that were sold on consignment at the kids' consignment store, I would consider it.

So, we went in to get our cheque....only $10. I went down to the ladies consignment store where I had some stuff and managed to come home with another $10. Add that to the $20 or so American money that I had sitting in my purse that I converted to Canadian funds and we had a nice little sum.

Sophie and Fynn (mostly Sophie) decided that we needed a family cat (the only cat we are ever getting) so they helped stuff the Cat (yes that is it's name). He/She is unisex. Because Sophie picked the body, Fynn got to pick his/her outfit and he decided on jean shorts and a blue t-shirt, much to Sophie's dismay. Right now Fynn is in the tub and Sophie has Cat changed into her i Carly outfit that Grandma got her in Disneyland.

We met up with some of our daycare friends when we stuffed Cat so it was a nice way to spend some time this afternoon.

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