Friday, June 04, 2010

hamster crazy

I saw these when they came out at Christmas, although they were always sold out. It wasn't something I would have considered buying for Sophie at the time because she is so into her dolls. However she has started to get into little pet creatures more and more.

I told her she could pick something out at Claire's tonight after being such a trouper this week with her surgery (she went back to Kindergarten today). So, when she saw this little guy she asked if she could have him. Apparently, Parker, Paige and Gracie all have one at Kindergarten and the girls bring them to play with at play time. I've warned Sophie that if she plays with him when she is not supposed to, he permanently becomes my new pet.

Zhu Zhu pets were going for 40 odd dollars on ebay at Christmas. Hmmm....some parents are a little nutty. I think Sophie's next thing will be to want to save up for some of the cute accessories that go with him.

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