Sunday, April 25, 2010

this n' that

A collection of stuff going on:

1. I walked home from work on Friday. I brought a back pack and changed into appropriate attire and shoes and walked home. It is a great stress reliever and it is mostly up hill so needless to say, I had a nice endorphine high when I got home.

2. Then we hit Boston Pizza for dinner. Since I had just enjoyed my walk, I wasn't the least bit stressed out, so dinner was great with the kids.

3. We went to an RV show today in Vernon. Lots of fun and it was outdoors in the sunshine. We had hot dogs and ice cream sandwiches. Fynn and Sophie had fun sitting on ATVs (no we are not getting one, EVER) and peaking inside trailers.

4. Sophie and I inserted over 100 Disney photos into my new little album. They all look great (after I culled about 40 of them before I ordered them) and it feels like I can "close the loop" on the trip now.

5. The Jonas Brothers is on TV....MUST.GO.OUTSIDE.WITH.KIDS

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