Thursday, April 29, 2010

the cottage cheese

on the back of my legs....

I've always been pretty slim. Not necessarily naturally as I've always worked out since I was in university and gained the freshman 10 or 15. It happened pretty quickly as I was eating scones for breakfast from the university cafeteria. It wasn't until I could no longer fit into my jeans that I found the campus aerobics schedule and I haven't looked back since.

That makes it about 24 or so years that I've been going to the gym and taking fitness classes. I have taken them all:

- step aerobics
- floor or "land" aerobics
- high impact (think Jane Fonda)
- boot camp
- circut / weights
- pilates and yoga (which frankly does little for me)
- boxercise
- Zumba
- water aerobics

I am sure I've missed one or two in there. It's quite a list. Lately I've noticed that while I go to the gym 3 - 4 days a week, a couple of the classes are just not creating enough of a sweat with me and my heart rate isn't get up high enough. I spoke to one of my neighbours (who also teaches a fitness class) and she walks to and from work each day. At first I thought there was no way I was going to haul my walking attire to work -- too much of a hassle.

That change one day last week when I really needed a stress reliever from work. I walked home. I took about 3 wrong turns down streets that were not the most direct route and took much longer than I should have to get home. I retraced my route that night with Vic. Since then, I've walked home two more times and each time it is getting easier, especially the hills and I'm becoming faster. I also think the bit of cottage cheese that developed over the winter on the back of my legs will disappear. In fact, I think my work pants have already become looser.

I love fitness classes, but when they get boring or are no longer effective, a really good walking routine will do wonders. I'm quite excited because with tomorrow being Friday, it is my "walk home from work day" and it will be a nice start to the weekend.

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