Friday, November 28, 2008


It was a full week and as much as I enjoy my job, it was nice to see Friday afternoon roll around.

Monday - Vic and I visited and observed two Kindergarten classes for Sophie for next September: a French Immersion class and an English one. We were impressed with both classes, but are hedging towards the French class.

Tuesday - I saw my doctor about some nagging ailments. I can't seem to kick the annoying cysts that keep appearing on my chin, so she prescribed an antibiotic to kick out the bacteria. So far, so good.

Wednesday - family night. No gym after work, just hanging with the kids. It was nice and Sophie and I made a few Christmas cards together.

Friday - our usual routine is to go to Boston Pizza after work. Poor Fynn was under the weather with his cold, but he hung in there. Ahh, Friday!

Have a good weekend!

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michelle_d said...

I'm a big fan of French Immersion (obviously). But if you choose French, you will be so amazed at how quickly she learns it! I see it everyday and I'm still amazed when Matthew comes home with an ever-growing French vocabulary.

It's a big decision and it sounds like you are doing your research. Let me know if you have any questions.