Friday, October 25, 2019

Around here..

It's been the usual busy week around here.

Work, kids' activities and fitness related stuff for us.  Sophie competed in the Valley's Cross Country race this week and qualified for Provincials in Abbotsford.  She's had a great running season.

The kids both had a Pro D day today. Fynn went to the mechatronics camp.  He and his friend Taylor made a cool robot.  Fynn's a bright kid.  He is building his own computer at home purchasing the various parts as he can afford them.  Love how his mind works.  He also took a keen interest in the recent federal election.

Vic and I are competing in the Crossfit Open again this year.  We had workout 20.3 today.  I finally kicked up from the floor into a handstand.  Now it is time to work on the push up portion of the movement.  Very difficult.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

10 km - race day!

It's done! Broken down by stats: Sophie placed 21st overall out of over 602 participants! 5/393 females!! She placed 1st in women under 19 with her time of 44:37 chip time, 44:46 official time. A podium placement 🥇

Vic placed 48th overall, 32 for guys and 6th for his age category out of 36. Well done! His time was 49:23 (chip time), 49:33 official time. He did this 49:31 two years ago.

I had a PB that I was really working hard for. 54:24 (chip time), 54:34 official time. I was 104th overall, 46th for females out of 393 and 6th in my age category out of 65. I did this race in 58:39 two years ago. It was hard. Really hard and had nothing left in my tank but very pleased with my race. 

Thoughts for next time:  it helped to stay in Kelowna the night before.  We stayed at the Grand, so no parking hassles.  We just walked to the race.  A light jog also seemed to help as we walk/ran to warm up.  No coffee before the race, but Aleve helps (no tummy troubles).  To increase my time, I will need to do some tempo runs at my lactate threshold.  I was hurting and even though I shaved 4 minutes off my time (which is huge) I ended completely spent with nothing, NOTHING in the tank.  I am very tired.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Skating is back!

January 10, 2019 I started adult figure skating lessons. I kept at it once a week until May when the lessons wrapped up.  Lessons started up again tonight.  Tonight I worked on 3 turns, edges and a few other elements.

I'll track my progress on the blog and see where it takes me :)

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Alaska Trip

In July, we took our Alaskan Cruise with Celebrity Cruises (Eclipse ship).  We traveled from Vancouver, through the Inside Passage, stopping in Sitka, Juneau and Ketchikan Alaska and returning to Vancouver.  2058 nautical miles.

It was our "replacement" trip for our canceled Italy trip when our Uniworld River Cruise ship was involved in an accident which caused our trip to be postponed (we are going next summer instead).  We have no regrets about going to Alaska.  It was an amazing experience.  The ship was lovely, but most of all the incredible scenery was stunning.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Fynn's First Tennis Tournament

Fynn wrapped up his spring tennis lessons today by taking part in the Rogers Rookie tournament at the Salmon Arm tennis club today.  Fynn placed 2nd in his grouping.  Way to go, Fynn!

Monday, June 10, 2019

29 years!

Wow!  Our 29 year wedding anniversary this past weekend.  It was a busy time with Sophie working for a shift at McDonald's on Saturday, Fynn playing a bit of tennis at the grand opening of the new indoor tennis facility, Vic and I at the Crossfit Spring Shakedown and then a fundraising dinner for the tennis club later that evening.  On top of that, Sophie had her year-end dance recital.  While Saturday was super busy, we were able to go out for a quiet breakfast on Sunday.

Monday, April 22, 2019


I have a few posts that I need to get written, such as going into the experience of the recent CPHR conference and the award I was presented with, but it seems more appropriate to remember my Uncle Richard who passed away last night.

We were in Oliver visiting my parents for the Easter weekend when we learned of the sudden decline in his health.  He is one of my dad's younger brothers and has been part of my life growing up in Oliver.  He leaves behind his wife Linda, and grown children Barb and Dean.  My fondest memories of him are seeing him at the Oliver Arena in the concession stand (he volunteered for the Lions Club) and in the Oliver Town Pool every summer. We would often drop in when we were visiting and we would find him there taking a cool dip.

He will be missed. (In the photo he is at far right).