Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Family Priority Goals - update on 2016 goals/2017 progress

Last year, I don't think I created any Family Priority Goals for 2017.  That was too bad, as I do find that when I can write goals down at the start of the year, they tend to have more likelihood of success.

Here were my goals for 2016:
rThings that make me happy:
- learning new things (Learning to play the piano).  I have had two classes in piano. Certainly harder than it looks.  The kids are taking up most of the weekly piano lessons but I do intend to keep practicing.  Just learning where the notes are is hard enough for me right now.  UPDATE Dec 31/17:  Beyond those 2 lessons, I gave up.  

 - taking photos of our life (Working on what this might look like.  I think I would like to take photos of birds in 2016 -- in addition to the usual subjects I photograph).  This is going along okay.  Nothing earth shattering, although I think I would like to save for a new portrait lens for this year.  The photo below is for a "green" assignment my photo club has going on right now.  Reminds me of spring.  UPDATE Dec 31, 2017:  I didn't do too much photography in the way of birds.  A telephone is what's needed. I did get a nice portrait lens for Christmas 2016 which was put to good use, but not on birds.
 - telling our stories (blogging, etc).  This is slow going.  I was such a good blogger for years, and now if I blog once a month, I am doing well.

 - keeping fit (I don't know exactly what this will be, however, I have told Vic I want to do another 10 km in the fall.  I have also started to intentionally increase my weights in 2/4 weekly fitness classes). This is probably the goal that I am most excited about.  The running is not really coming along for me (weather is usually my excuse).  But, I have been keeping up with my 2 x a week CrossFit Lite classes and I love them!  I even have gotten Vic to come with me for a few of them.  I can see this being the biggest change for me in 2016.  I am actually started to get some arm muscle.  UPDATE Dec 31, 2017:  This goal had the biggest, most life enhacing impact.  Not only did CrossFIt Lite take off for me, I ended up completing the Fundamentals class which led to Vic and I being regular (4-5 times a week Crossfitters), plus we took 3 Olympic Weightlifting coaching sessions last year.  

 - s new places
- seeing the kids achieve more than they could have imagined (this is ongoing.  Sophie has her Grade 1 Piano exam next week. The goal: to complete and pass the exam in January 2016.  So far that is the only goal set).  Sophie did complete her exam and did very well - honours!  Her piano teacher and I have decided that we will delay the next exam (Grade 2) until June 2017 to allow lots of time for her to really learn the material.  UPDATE Dec 31, 2017:  Sophie completed Grade 2 and is on track for completing Grade 3 in June 2018.

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