Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Back to School. My wishes for these two.

Today marked Sophie going into Grade 7 and Fynn into Grade 4.

It was a fairly smooth morning.  I was up early.  About 6am as I was having trouble staying asleep.  I went into the living room, ate my cereal and watched a bit of morning news.  Sophie came down soon after, fully dressed.  Not too long after, I woke Fynn up.  Around 7:25am or so we left for school.   Earlier than our usual departure time from the previous school year but I think we were all anxious and ready to just get to school.  Fynn was dropped off first...quite possibly one of the first kids at his school.  Sophie was next.  No issues or problems.

I headed down to work, grabbing a coffee and settling into my office before most of the others.

Here is a photo I snapped this morning before we got into the car.  I hope all mornings go as smoothly.

My wishes for you two (in no specific order):
- that you will eat the lunch we pack for you
- that you will reconnect with old friends and smile and be kind to kids you do not know (everyone is new at some point)
- that you will engage (say hi, speak up in class, ask questions) with your teacher
- that your teacher will love teaching
- that you enjoy wearing your new clothes but you will not judge others by what they wear or are not wearing
- that you will work hard, manage your time, and not see me as the demon at home when I ask you to do your homework and Kumon math
- that you will have fun!

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