Monday, July 20, 2015

Kids at camp

The month of July has flown by with many events and activities!

We had my 30th high school reunion in early July.  I felt like I planned and prepped for that event more than my actual graduation 30 years ago.  I guess that is somewhat takes me longer now to "put my best foot forward" than it did when I was 17. 

We stayed in Osoyoos for the weekend - which was lovely at Walnut Beach Resort.

In other news, both kids are in camps this week.  Sophie is in a partial day gymnastics / cheer leading camp and Fynn is in an outdoor camp.  He had a great time today doing a hike up to some waterfalls followed by a trip to a climbing wall and a tarzan swing :)

Here is a photo of us just before we went to my reunion dinner.

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