Sunday, February 01, 2015

#11 for Sophie & ski day #5

Sophie's 11th birthday is on the 5th, but we celebrated it a bit early this weekend with her friends. She had an Instagram-themed birthday.  She invited some of her friends from school to the bowling alley. I am grateful she has such good little friends in her life and nice parents too. If you Google Instagram-themed parties it can be a bit crazy, so we just stuck with themed invitations, a gorgeous cake (thanks to Paula who decorated it for me -- the only thing she asked is that I baked it for her first)  and treat toppers. I think it was absolutely perfect for #11.

In other news, Vic and I went to American Sniper on Friday night - our 3rd consecutive Friday out on a date!  It was a good movie, but such a tragic ending.

We haven't been skiing in a few weeks so I arranged a sitter for the kids for part of today so Vic and I could go up to Silver Star and do a few runs.  The kids were tired, and Fynn had hockey later today so I was okay with them staying at home as he would have been way too cranky with back to back sports.  This was our 5th time up skiing for us this season.  Conditions were not too bad - and always good to find an excuse to use our passes.

Downton Abbey tonight....ready for another week.

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