Saturday, January 03, 2015

Ski Day #3 and why we ski with kids

It was about -8 in the parking lot at the mountain today, and colder at the top of the hill and even colder with the windchill.  And let's not forget the fog.  It was a tad challenging, but the snow was good and we had fun.  Fynn had a fever this morning so we phoned our sitter and she was able to sit with him while we took Sophie up.

She had a lesson in the Mountain Explorers group. That is classified as an Advanced Intermediate level.  She is skiing all blue runs, starting bumps and doing trees.  She also did a groomed Black today.  She said she had FUN, which isn't always the case with Sophie after a lesson :)

Skiing with kids is not easy.  It is not inexpensive, there is often grumbling (at least when they are younger there was a fair bit of it), and by the time you get them in their clothing and equipment it often seems more inviting just to sit by the fire with a nice drink.

However, in spite of it all, skiing with kids is worth it. They have become more independent - carrying their own gear, getting down a mountain, picking themselves up.  We are also creating some lasting memories and they are learning a skill that will serve them into their adulthood.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

This is inspiring to me! We don't have good access to skiing, but it's something Mike really wants to try one of these days.
But hearing the grumbling part made me think of Erin and dance yesterday. I was so tempted to just say forget it because some weeks she just puts up a fight. But then she loves it!
And she loves the recital, which she couldn't do if she didn't go to class regularly.
It's a challenge sometimes though!