Thursday, January 01, 2015

2014 Priority Goals - how we we did

Here's an update on our 2014 Priority Goals:

1. Have Fynn read one book to me each week (this will be a work in progress as his reading develops). - this didn't really happen.  He does read for school, but I can't honestly say he does it for pleasure yet. 

 2. Spend an hour with each kid a week on mommy-me time. Just me and one kidlet. Vic and I can share this goal (e.g he spends an hour with Sophie, while I spend an hour with Fynn and vice versa).  This worked out really well - Sophie and I have spent many Saturdays together, usually for a couple of hours.  She loves to go to the mall with me and get a special drink at Starbucks.  When she doesn't get her "special time" she lets me know.  Vic has spent lots of time with Fynn at hockey practice.  Vic takes Sophie grocery shopping too so that sort of counts.  I need to spend more one-on-one time with Fynn in 2015.

 3. Volunteer once in both Sophie and Fynn's classes.  I volunteered on a couple of field trips and during the gingerbread baking in their class in Dec.
4. Schedule minimum monthly date nights with Vic.  We got to the symphony 3 times and several movies.  We did pretty good on this one. 
5. Visit my family and Vic's mom.  Yes, several trips to my parents and a couple to visit Vic's mom in 2014.
6. Sophie seems to be interested in everything! She settled into focusing on ballet, gymnastics and piano.  All good.
7. Fynn is loving his skiing and just took an interest in the chess club at school.  Fynn made good progress in skiing and started piano in September.   Hockey has been a big interest that started in the fall of 2014.

1. Continue walking, fitness classes or running daily. Exercise everyday. Yes, I'm pretty good about this and my new Fit Bit helps me track my steps which I love to do.
2. Push myself to do stretch at end of my fitness classes.  I would say 50/50 on this one.  I did start a quasi yoga class on Thursdays and that has helped my flexibility quite a bit.
3. Reminding myself to drink water and take my iron pill (I had very low iron reserves last year). Need to work on this.
4. Get minimum 7 hours of sleep every night and 8 on the weekends. Need to work on this!
5. Take weekly walks/hikes with family (right now this is skiing).  A work in progress.

1. Read a book a week or two - generally not a problem.  I love to read.
2. Spend time outside - a work in progress.
7. Take photos with intention - yes, I would say my photography club has helped me be more intentional in what I photograph.

Me (self care)
1. Make and keep regular pedicure and hair appointments (every 8 weeks or so) - pretty good on this one - but not so good on pedicures in winter.
2. Make regular (monthly) manicure appointments. Manicures are the only thing that stop me from cuticule biting. The.only.thing Started getting manicures in the fall and it really helped reduce my cuticle picking!
3. Send out more thank you cards - fairly good on this front.

1. I am signed up for this a Coursera class. Vic and I took a history course and loved it. 

We will need to work on our 2015 Priority Goals this weekend and I'll do a blog post about them.

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fitfabfun Jane said...

Love your well thought NY resolutions! Wish you a great 2015!
xo, Jane