Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A busy morning

When I went upstairs to get Fynn up this morning, I smelled something none too pleasant.  He had unfortunately soiled himself.  I immediately put him in the bathtub to clean him up.  This was followed by his clothes and all of his bedding being put in the wash with bleach.

When I say soiled himself, he really did.  Not to the point of diarrhea but close enough.  He hadn't been complaining of a sore tummy and he never woke up last night, so I'm not sure what happened.  He was actually pretty cheerful this morning, so whatever was bothering him last night didn't seem to impact him this morning.

Vic went up to his room a bit later and discovered that the smell from his mattress had permeated the entire house.  Because he has had multiple nose bleeds and other "accidents" on his mattress from when he was younger, we opted to replace the mattress.  The furniture company came and took away the old mattress for a very small fee and delivered a new mattress.  Money well spent.  Here's to a good nights sleep and a better smelling morning :)

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