Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring break

Ah, spring break is nice. Without school obligations and activities, it really does cut down on the stress in my life.

  • Lunches are easier as Fynn only needs a lunch (he goes to daycare).  Sophie is home most days and is able to microwave herself a chicken pot pie.  The odd day she has had a playdate (like today) and had lunch over at her friend's house.
  • It is also nice not having the daily routine of homework.  The only light homework is Sophie's piano practicing and some multiplication drilling.
  • After school activities are also reduced.  Just gymnastics this week.
  • A less rushed morning. Without having to get kids to school by 8:15, I can relax a little.  I am getting Fynn to school by about 8:25 - the extra few minutes are so nice.
  • Activities that we do have are a little more "free form".  Last week, I enrolled Sophie in some private lessons at the pool so she could brush up on her strokes.  It was nice and relaxed and she really enjoyed the extra attention without the added pressure of having to complete her badges.
Later this week we head to Vancouver for a little more of a break.  Looking forward to getting away.

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