Wednesday, March 12, 2014

In March

Here we are roaring into March.  I am intentionally trying to slow down, savour the days more.  I think it helps when I am able to re-arrange things in my schedule to allow for more time to not rush.  That sounds like a no brainer but it is surprising how I find myself repeating the same patterns over and over, and then when I make a positive change and realize how much better it can be - I want to kick myself for not doing the change sooner.

For example, I have moved my fitness time from 5:30pm to 4:15pm on Tuesdays. That change has impacts: it means leaving work a bit earlier, so that means being very organized on Tuesdays and prioritizing my workload to ensure I get everything I need to do accomplished a bit earlier in the day.  That takes a bit of juggling but the rewards are huge. It means I get to go to a class I enjoy much more than my old 5:30 class.  It means I get to be home earlier and spend some relaxing time with the kids before dinner.  This small change enabled me to read almost an entire book about birds to Fynn this week and spend some time with Sophie while she tried out her new recorder for school.

Another change is not being hesitant to try out new sitters.  For whatever reason, I had a mental block with asking for sitter suggestions from people at work.  I had run through all of my sitter options last Friday.  Vic and I had tickets to the Symphony and very much wanted to go.  The day before, I emailed a coworker and asked her daughter if she could fill in.  She did and she was great with the kids.  It was a big relief and an easy solution.  They say necessity is the mother of invention - and it's true.

Finally, I think I have gotten over my little "fear" of showing my photos at my photo club.  I have shown my photos once before but only because I thought they were the really "good" ones.  The theme this week was Motion - definitely not my strength.  But I went through my photos, asked Vic for his opinion on which ones he liked and put together about 6 that showed Motion.  I got some good comments on them and I felt strong about making an effort.  It is rarely as bad or as scary as I build it up in my mind.

Here are a few:


Joanne said...

So glad to hear that Fynn's one on one reading with you is coming along. And so great that Sophie is picking up another instrument. All steps forward.

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

sounds like a great plan!

I had the same block about sitters!
We finally recently found two new sitters because I decided to break out of my box. :)