Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lists with Friends - top 10 reasons I am okay with the end of our family ski season

As much as I love skiing and we enjoy doing it with the kids, we decided that today would likely be our last trip up to the mountain with the 4 of us.  (Vic and I still may go up on our own mid week if my work schedule allows).

1.  I want my Sundays back. 
2. Even with our prepaid ski lesson vouchers for Fynn, we eventually ran out of lessons so we had to pay the past 2 times.  Nice to not have to do that anymore.
3.  Clothing and gear = mind numbing checklists.  I try to be fastidious about not missing anything, but this season we (Fynn) forgot his ski pants at school one Friday which meant he needed new pants for Sunday (luckily I got a pair for 40% off, and now he has 2 pairs).  Sophie also forgot her gloves one Sunday.
4.  The kids complaining about the cold.  In spite of being dressed quite well, it can never be warm enough it seems when the temps drop below minus 10.
5. I want my Sundays back.  Right, I said that already.  But I do.  I want to lounge around, do chores and generally putter.  I hate doing laundry Sunday night.
6. Lift lines.  We try to avoid really high volume days, but Presidents Day and Alberta Family Day were crazy.
7. Cold toes.  My boots are pretty old and I do need a new pair, but the kids equipment has been a priority, but I really do need boot heaters.
8. Parking lot issues.  When it is really busy, it is hard to get parked, which means a longer trek with the kids. Not to bad arriving, but Fynn is pretty cranky by the end of the day and a big walk back to the car is no fun.
9. Rude snowboarders.  I hope I haven't offended anyone, but it seems to be a bit more prevelant in a certain male demographic.
Blizzardy conditions.  We only had a couple of times where it was kind of hard to see, but I really like to ski (who doesn't) when it is blue skies and sunny (like this pic).

We did have a great season.  10 times skiing for us, plus 1 day at tube town.  Fynn had 8 lessons and seems to have mastered "Racing Raccoons".  He has done some jumps and likes the trees (like Sophie).  All is good and we are very fortunate.  The kids have some great skills which will last them a lifetime.


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

As someone who has a hard time being cold, I am not sure skiing is for me. But I will say that I would be willing to try! I know Mike would love to go on a ski trip someday.

I think I would definitely need boot heaters though :)
Glad you had such a successful ski season :)

Nicole Russell Willis said...

Love the "I want my Sundays back!" I used to love to ski, but totally get you on that!!