Friday, November 01, 2013

seriously fun Halloween!

Sophie is at the age where she wants to be with her friends for Halloween now. She left with two friends after school for the Downtown Treat Trail, then had dinner at a friend's house, did a few neighborhoods, got a pile of candy and came home pooped around 8:30pm. She proclaimed, "mom this was the best Halloween ever." She's at the age where she wants the independence so she can do her own thing with her buddies (and a parental chaperone).

Fynn stuck around dad - they did the Downtown area and then headed over to Fynn's friend's Cole's house where they did a few areas. A little more low key for our Ninja but still fun.


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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Same here!
Evan just wanted to stay home with a friend and "scare" trick or treaters in a spooky costume. No more trick or treating, but doing his own thing.
Erin still likes going around though :) We only do a block and a half and it's enough1!