Monday, November 04, 2013

moving the marble....

I have written about "moving the marble" before. Those steps we take to move incrementally closer to our goals. Fynn moved the marble today. He passed his Sun Fish swim level today. Thank goodness! The thought of the kids having to repeat swim lessons is painful to me. Not because I don't think they should have to earn it and demonstrate they have the required skills. But, swim lessons are a time commitment for us that I find crummy when we have to start over and "redo" them. It has happened once with Sophie. I am thankful that Vic was able to take time out twice a week to ensure he gets up to his lesson in the late afternoon and support Fynn along. It all worked out and he did well - actually really well, excited and enthusiastic about the whole thing.

For Sophie, she continues on with her piano lessons. I see that marble moving too. She has not been evaluated the way Fynn has with swimming but I can tell based on how she is sounding, how she is responding to her teacher and the more challenging pieces she is able to play.

Having kids is so not about progress and measurement, but it sure feels good when goals are reached and that marble is moved.