Friday, October 04, 2013

Friday round up

Ah, Friday. Here's what's new around here:

- Sophie is out at a sleepover tonight. Fynn is enjoying the respite :)
- Fynn is pumped about his birthday party on Sunday. We picked out some little Hot Wheels cars for his goody bags - I don't really do the whole goody bag thing too well, so we just buy individual little tokens. The cars work well;
- Vic and I are pleased that the daycare bill for this month is down to $185. From the days when it was $1100 or so, this is a real treat. With Fynn only in daycare a couple of days a week after school and then coming home with Sophie the remainder of the week, it has really reduced our expenses. We finally have some extra dollars to pay down our mortgage;
- the pool is now winterized;
- I took a bag of my work clothes into the consignment store this week. I was able to unload about 2/3 of the bag, the rest came back with me and will likely land in the thrift store. Being careful with what I buy and only buying what I truly need and things I love. This book that I read recently really resonated with me. I like the tips about how to shop more wisely.

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Joanne said...

Yay Fynn! First birthday party! Have fun little dude!