Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sunnybrae Camp

We dropped Sophie off this afternoon at Sunnybrae Camp. She is in cabin 7 this year and is happy that her head counselor is "Mango" (camp nickname). She was with her cabin last year. Hunter is one of her cabin mates (you can request who you would like in your cabin).

She is so excited -- her modules this year are guitar, rock climbing, swimming and drama. Sounds like a fun week. I thought this was a good link about some interesting advantages of the summer camp experience.

It is quiet with only one kidlet in the house. Fynn is colouring rather peacefully right now.


In other news, my aunt and uncle are settled into their new home in Salmon Arm after living almost 30 years out on the lake. We had a little housewarming visit with them this afternoon. The house is very comfortable and it is nice to see them getting settled in.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I remember loving going to camp when I was younger. I don't think Evan could handle it though. He has a hard enough time with day camps. He is a camp through the Botanical Gardens this week based on "green" building. So architecture which he loves. But he was still pretty nervous even though a friend was with him. I just think it's important for him to try new things.
Now Erin on the other hand will probably love going to camps! She likes to tell me she is not afraid of anything :)