Thursday, July 04, 2013

more moving the marble...

When school wrapped up for the year, I made arrangements for Sophie to have some extra math tutoring help during the summer. I thought the extra focus would be a good thing and help set her up for success in Grade 4.

Her teacher recommended J, a wonderful fully qualified teacher and also a math expert. I wish she had been my math teacher when I was a kid. She is that good!

Sophie has met with her twice and has two more sessions to go with her after she returns from Sunnybrae Camp next week.

This was the comment J emailed me today at work:

Hello Sheri,
It has been great working with Sophie these past two days. She has been
so cooperative and works very hard during our hour together. We've
worked on place value and Sophie has more confidence working with
numbers- +10, -10, and expanded form. She had an "ah-ha!" moment today
and connected X2 to adding doubles. She loves X10 and is very confident
with the pattern for the products.

In our next set of times, I would like to work on Sophie's subtraction
skills. I think that weak understanding of subtraction is why that word
problem (the one with the recycling) went wrong. She is starting to
become more confident with skip counting backwards by tens and this is a
tremendous step forward. It's really hard to subtract well when you
can't see how the numbers reduce by groups.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your daughter. She is lovely!
See you on the 16th and 18th.

That email made me feel so good, and help reassure me that the extra help is worth it. Sophie has been spending some days at home with some new found freedom, but between math tutoring and a couple of hours a day at diving/trampoline camp at the rec centre she is busy enough for now.

Just keep moving that marble....progress.

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