Sunday, February 24, 2013

Break even ski day

We had a great day skiing! It was our official "break even" day with our ski pass. It was ski day number 7 for Vic and I, number 6 for Sophie, and number 5 for Fynn.

Fynn has moved up into Jumping Joey's in the ski school. He is skiing confidently on Green terrain and has started doing some Blues. He skiied on the Whiskey Jack run today which has some steep parts. He also did the Toilet Trail (real name since there is an outhouse at the head of the trail). It had bumps and some trees, so he was excited since it was his first time skiing something a little different and fun.

We ran into another family from Salmon Arm and Sophie knows their youngest daugther from school. Talia is a good skier and gave Sophie that extra push and led her down some tree trails and also into Telus Park. I took a real tumble (lost a ski and my poles) when I followed Talia and Sophie down a little narrow run that ended in a jump that I was completely unprepared for. I'm fine, but it certainly taught me not to follow young kids.

Great day and loads of fun.

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Sheri said...

And she caught air.
hee, hee, hee.