Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beautiful, blue skies

We got up early this morning (hard to do on a Saturday) and headed up to Silver Star for some skiing. While I have to force myself to do it (the getting up earlier, waking up sleepy kids, and hauling up their stuff is not pleasant) the rewards are worth it.

- the skies are blue, not grey like they are down in the valley
- the fresh air
- exercise
- seeing Sophie and Fynn progress in their skill level
- watching Fynn get on the chair lift today was pretty cool

All in all a very good day. Sophie is off to her friend Hunter's house for a sleepover, so it will be a quiet night.


Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Such great photos, Sheri! :)

Lukrecja Czarna said...

Sooo cute pics :)