Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Family Priority Goals

Just like in 2012, we are working on documenting our Family Priority Goals for 2013. So far we have the following for the first 6 months of 2013:

- complete her session of gymnastics winter session. She started her first after school gymnastics class through Momentum Gymnastics this Wednesday. In typical Sophie fashion she was quite apprehensive at first but when she was finished she was beaming and told me how much she loved it.
- complete 2-3 ski lessons
- increase her ability to read her piano music. Sophie plays by ear and while it sounds fine, it is not a good habit to have.

- have more playdates. He has only had 1 or 2 in the past and that was quite awhile ago. He has made friends with a little guy in the other Kindergarten class. I contacted his mom, and he is coming over to play this Sunday
- join soccer this spring. He is starting to talk about it already.
- 2-3 ski lessons.

- I really want to improve my French. Not only to keep up with Sophie but because I want to visit France and having a goal keeps me focused. I signed up through our Education Outreach Program through our school district for the Rosetta Stone program. I got my earphones today and password to log on to the program. I am excited to get going!

- He has been talking about doing some volunteer work. I don't think he has sorted it out or figured it out completely, but I am hoping he can find something he enjoys and is rewarding. Something that is completely different than his work/business would be energizing, I think.

- we are determined to take a road trip to Calgary this summer. We really want to take the kids through Banff and then head on to Calgary and check out the highlights (the zoo!).

- Vic and I have talked about how we want to take in more art related performances (we would love to go to a "lite" symphony) but we just need to find the right one.
- We are going on a trip with our friends Bryan and Patti to San Francisco in May. We are planning and plotting that out now. For now that is the focus.

I am sure we will tweak these goals as we go along, but for now these seem to be the priorities.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I love how you do "family" goals!