Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Mid Year Goal Check In

I can't believe 2012 is half over.

Here is my mid year check in on some goals I set for myself back in late December.

1. Read to Fynn daily. I can't say I am doing this daily, but I would say every second or third night right now.
2. Have a family walk or bike ride (when weather is warmer) once a week. We have been pretty good with this. Now that Fynn is really getting around well on his bike, we often take the kids down to the waterfront and let them take off.
3. Do more art with Sophie. Have not done great with this one. Although I do let her use my camera quite a bit. Does that count?
4. Volunteer once before the end of the school year at Sophie’s school. I did manage to get in once and volunteer and I did make sure I saw all of her special events (e.g. circus show). Work was crazy this past spring and it made going to her school tough.
5. Set weekly date nights with Vic. Vic and I have not done well with this at all. We need to get a sitter for this weekend, so we can see a movie or something.

1. Exercise everyday. Yes, doing this. I need to exercise everyday to stay happy.
2. Find a trainer so I can add basic weight-training and strength exercises weekly. Have not done this.
3. Drink at least two glasses of water a day. I know that is really low, but better than what I am doing now. I would say this is a challenge for me, but something I strive for.
4. Get minimum 7hours of sleep every night and 8 on the weekends. Generally doing okay with this.
5. Only 1-2 lattes per week (I am allowed a Tim’s each workday however). We have a Starbucks in Salmon Arm now -- this has been tough. Can't say I have been successful.

I have some work goals that I am working on formulating still, so I won’t post here.

1. Complete one scrapbook layout a month. Yes! Doing fine with this. I did a layout of Fynn's soccer sessions last weekend. It feels so good to be scrapbooking again.
2. Learn how to take some photos with my new micro lens . Enrol in a Shutter Sisters class. Haven't done this yet.

1. Travel.
2. A trip for Vic and I to Amsterdam. We didn't go to Amsterdam, but we did go to Ottawa and we have a two day trip to Vancouver planned in August to see the new Matisse exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
3. A fun family trip with my extended family to Disneyland in the fall. Yes, doing this!
4. A spring break trip to Vancouver Island. We didn't do this because we all got sick, but we are off to VI for 1 week of summer holidays later in July. Can't wait, plus my sister and her son will be joining us for some fun.
5. A trip to Barkerville in the summer with our friends Bryan and Patti. Nope, isn't happening this year.

1. Read a book every two weeks. Yes, my book club really helps with this goal, plus I have just been reading like crazy lately. So many books, so little time.

1. Take one class non work related locally. Vic and I are taking our MOMA online art history course. Love it.

Community (This is a particularly hard one for me.)
1. Continue to go out for breakfast on Fridays with Vic, Bryan and Patti. Yes to this one.
2. Make a coffee date with Kim (1 per quarter). No but did catch up with her at a dinner event recently
3. Leave comments on blogs I read once a week. Yes, doing this.

1. Work on (work in progress) making the front study/piano/sitting room homier. Art work, a carpet/rug. Yes, we have a new piece of Ikea Picasso art that is going above the piano soon.
2. Locate and purchase a carpet/rug for our bedroom. Yes.
3. Art for kids play area. Not yet.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I cannot believe the year is moving so fast either!
It's fun to see how you are doing with your goals though.
I think it's a great way to keep on track, and you have a lot of goals.
So you seem very successful to me with all that you are accomplishing :)